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Most people will feel that they need to eat more because they’ve hit the gym. Because after hitting the gym, their appetite goes through the roof. While that’s true, you need to eat a balanced, healthy diet to ensure you have a good body and health. Food is vital because it fuels and nourishes your body. That said, here are healthy foods you need to eat before hitting the gym:

Toasted Rye with organic butter is a great healthy diet before the workout.

Experts recommend that you desist from eating just minutes before you hit the gym. Ideally, before you hit the gym, you should focus on your muscles instead of what’s going into your stomach. Therefore, it’s a good idea to eat toasted rye with organic butter devoid of sugar 60 minutes before workout. If you find that the workout session is near and you haven’t had your pre-workout food, then bananas and a bunch of blueberries can go a long way. A pre-workout snack can give you the energy for intensity training. It also helps you work out for longer.

Eggs should be part of your pre-workout healthy eating plans

Having eggs before a workout is great to increase your energy levels and endurance. You can eat a whole egg or more. But make sure you don’t throw the yolk away. Eggs are load with proteins and bring immense benefits to the body. In fact, the yolk contains almost all the ingredients in an egg.

Tuna salad makes up a healthy diet before a workout

Most workout enthusiasts think that eliminating carbohydrates is the best way to maintain a decent body. Carbohydrates are great because they are rich sources of energy. So they will provide you the energy to do an intensive workout for a longer duration. However, if you’re into cardiovascular exercises and looking to shed weight, it’s a good idea to stay away from carbs. This is because consumption of carbs will deplete your glycogen stores, and when that happens, your body will prioritize burning fat to generate energy. That’s why experts suggest that you do cardiovascular exercises on an empty stomach. Or choose protein foods such as the chicken omelet, chicken breast with spinach or tuna on a bed of green leafy vegetables.

Spirulina is a great healthy diet for pre-workout

Always choose antioxidant-rich foods like berries, green leafy vegetables, as well as superfoods like acai and Spirulina as pre-workout foods. They assist in combating oxidative stress that occurs due to workout. They also boost the immune system and are also anti-aging foods.

A smoothie is one of the best fitness foods to consume before you hit the gym

Nuts and seeds are great food choices to consume before you hit the gym. Nuts and seeds are loaded with proteins and good fat. But the downside is that they digest slowly. However, desist from eating too many nuts and seeds because you could feel sluggish when working out. The best way to consume nuts and seeds is to blend them into a smoothie. Blending enhances their digestion and absorption rate. Blending nuts and seeds into a smoothie can offer a mix of nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and water. The sugar coming from the blended fruits provides the necessary energy. The nuts and seeds, on the other hand, will maintain your energy levels during the entire workout session.


Pre-workout foods are great to ensure a fulfilling workout session. And choosing a healthy diet to go with it will ensure you get the most nutrients out of the foods. So if you’re planning to hit the gym next time, try out these foods and see the results.